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ISAAC BABALOLA & COMPANY is an integrated consortium, with wide range technological capabilities in the public, private, engineering and related services industries. We are desirous of acquainting you with areas of mutual benefit, where we can be of service to your organization.


With qualified multinationals experience in various sectors of the public, private, engineering, Civil & Mechanical and other related services; we offer services in the following areas:

Sinking of wells, boreholes and shafts to build and to construct; lay down and maintain of boreholes, reservoirs, filter beds, main and other pipe applications

Execute and do all other works and things necessary or convenient to obtaining, storing, delivering and other measuring and distributing water.

To construct, equip, improve, work, manage or control boreholes, wells, reservoirs, embankment, irrigation, reclamation sewage, drainage, sanitary and water cistern.

We have assembled some of the most talented individuals through the entire spectrum of the aforementioned disciplines.



ISAAC BABALOLA & COMPANY is well structured to provides services as follows:

  • Project Feasibility Study (including)
  • All laboratory testing
  • Soil testing
  • Land Surveys Report
  • Conception Design
  • Architectural Design/Engineering
  • Structural/Electrical/Mechanical/Civil Design/Engineering
  • Total Supervision (from Project Inception through Commissioning)
  • Project Management
  • Foundation Design/Engineering
  • Supervision of Construction.
  • Facility Management
  • General Contract and supplies


does it’s Consulting, Engineering, Planning, Management, Manufacturing and Construction Work.



Our Design is made of qualified multinationals and Nigerian Design Engineers, with many years of experience.

ISAAC BABALOLA & COMPANY Design Division utilizes the latest computer configuration and “CAD” Software, with color printers and plotters.

Our Design Capabilities are limitless, with relations to the industries we serve.

ISAAC BABALOLA & COMPANY is capable of manufacturing its own, as well as constructions for others, with high quality standards and within prescribed timetables.


All products which leave ISAAC BABALOLA & COMPANY (site-) workshops are of the highest quality standard and have to undergo inspections.


Our civil Works Services includes:

  • Road Construction/Rehabilitation
  • Governmental Facilities (Office Building – Parking Lots and Facilities Walls/Fencing)
  • Industrial plants (Water Supply- Electrification)
  • Commercial Building/Apartments
  • Oil &Gas and Related Works
  • Rig site work (levies, roadway & walkways
  • Private Dwellings


We have experienced and qualified project managers and field operators (Engineers) and we are prepared to support and perform professionally.


With a good network of Manpower pool available to us, we can mobilize at short notice any numbers of well qualified Indigenous, European, American and Asian Expatriate staff on request.


Our Supply and Procurement Division is well versed in the procurement of TECHNICAL MATERIALS, computer consumable, projects materials and other materials as we may be requested through our national and international network of Associates throughout the global markets.


Funding for local and international procurement, shipments, C&F and local transports is through our various investors and banking networks, locally and internationally. Our telecommunication includes telephone, fax and E-mail for quick responsive monitoring.



If you are really in a spot, then there is ISAAC BABALOLA &COMPANY “round-the-clock services”, which emphasizes the company’s principle of high responsibility and responsiveness



In the areas of Maintenance and Repair Work, ISAAC BABALOLA & COMPANY is not only available during the day, but also at night and offers highly and specially trained experts, high quality standard equipment and a complete working site services, which the Client does not have to be concerned about.


It is also known at ISAAC BABALOLA & COMPANY, that quality cannot be achieved by using the appropriate machines


The Company assigned trained experts (local as well as international) to each .project to satisfy the most discerning requirements in terms of equipment availability and safely. In addition, to ensure that the very latest technologies are applied.


The comprehensive range of services offered by the Company and its commitment to its supreme principle through are the basis of the Company’s success.